• Lamb Roganjosh,11,00
    Lamb cubes cooked in spicy Goan curry.
  • Tawa Gosht,11,00
    Tender lamb cubes cooked on tawa with tomato, onion, ginger and garlic sauce, served on an Indian tawa.
  • Saag Mutton,11,00
    Spinach with mutton cooked in a special curry sauce.
  • Lamb Korma,11,00
    Lamb cooked in a thick creamy sauce of dried fruits, nuts and cashews.
  • Lamb Bhuna,11,00
    Boneless lamb cooked in brown onions, spices and tomatoes.
  • Lamb Shahjehani,11,00
    Tender lamb cubes cooked in a rich creamy sauce of dried fruits and curry.
  • Lamb Vindaloo,11,00
    Lamb cooked in a series of hot spices that create the Vindaloo sauce and potatoes. A famous Goan dish.
  • Mutton Kadahi,11,00
    Lamb tikka cooked with ginger, onion, green pepper and tomatoes in a deep pan.