• Chicken Tikka Masala,9,50
    India's most popular export -Chicken tikka marinated and cooked in a mixture of spices, spicy onions and red tomato sauce.
  • Chicken Tikka Kadahi,9,50
    Chicken tikka cooked with ginger, onion, green pepper and tomatoes in a deep pan.
  • Butter Chicken (Makhni),9,50
    Chicken tikka pieces cooked in a mild tomato classic gravy using butter and cream at the end.
  • Chicken Curry,9,00
    Traditional Indian recipe of chicken curry.
  • Chicken Kasshmiri,10,50
    Chicken breast with dried fruits and nuts, cooked in a rich cashew sauce.
  • Chicken Mughlai korma ( haveli),10,50
    Chicken cooked in a thick creamy sauce of dry fruits, nuts and of cashews.
  • Chicken Vindaloo,9,50
    Chicken cooked in a series of hot spices that create the Vindaloo sauce and potatoes. A famous Goan dish.
  • Chicken Madras,9,50
    Chicken cooked in the well known Madras sauce made of spicy herbs, tomatoes αnd coconut.
  • Chicken Bhuna,9,50
    Boneless chicken cooked with brown onions, tomatoes and spices.
  • Chicken Jalfrezi,9,50
    Pieces of chicken with tomato sauce, onions, peppers and spices